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RCI Points Program

RCI makes timesharing more flexible. In addition to its traditional Weeks Program, RCI offers members the option to select their Points program. RCI timeshare buyers and sellers can finally enjoy a truly useful timeshare reseller in Timeshare Values.

RCI Points Mean More Vacation Flexibility

The RCI Points Program offers members and owners of affiliated property even more flexibility to vacation when, where, and how they like. An RCI Weeks membership is included as a complimentary benefit to members of the Points Program, which allows members to use their points, or credits, as a form of in-network "currency." A certain number of points is allotted to owners each year, with which they may "purchase" time at one of thousands of resorts around the world.

There are Dozens of Benefits Associated with RCI Points

The Points Program affords owners the flexibility to: choose their resort, choose the number of days they would like to stay, trade within the expansive RCI network, choose from a greater range of seasons, week types and units and borrow or bank points to "save up" for more luxurious vacations. Members of the RCI Points program are also privy to benefits offered by the Points Partner Program, which allows owners to book a cruise or hotel room, rent a vehicle or even save on airline tickets.

An RCI Points membership can take you and your family around the globe on a budget. Luckily for you, we've got thousands of RCI Points affiliated resorts in our inventory. Choose one today and change the way you timeshare!