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Resort Condominiums International

RCI Timeshares

Resort Condominiums International is widely recognized as the world's leader in timeshare exchange. The corporation began in 1974 as a way to inject some flexibility into the relatively new timeshare industry. Today, RCI can count more than 4,000 in-network properties and more than 3 million members worldwide, making it the largest vacation exchange company in the world! For more than three decades, RCI has been providing its clients with top-quality service and, more importantly, a whole new way to vacation.

RCI makes it possible for members to tailor their timeshare program to their specific vacation needs and desires. The network of more than 4,000 international resorts opens up a world of travel opportunities to owners of affiliated vacation properties; and RCI offers range of programs and member benefits to help owners get the most of their RCI timeshare. You may choose between the traditional RCI Weeks Program, or an RCI Points Program.

RCI Weeks

Resort Condominiums International's Weeks Program is the company's original vacation property exchange service. The Weeks Program affords members the opportunity to trade their time at their home resort (the resort that is deeded or contracted to them) for time at one of the more than 4,000 comparable resorts within the extensive RCI network.

With RCI's Weeks Program, the exchange process is quite simple and streamlined: owners can browse a pool of thousands of available resorts, deposit their own resort weeks into RCI's "space-bank," request a time at a particular resort respective to the number of weeks deposited, or work with a personal RCI guide.

Whether you're ready to buy RCI timeshare (a vacation property that is affiliated with the exchange company) or you're looking to find an RCI timeshare for rent, we've got you covered. Let Timeshare Values and RCI take you and your family around the world every year.