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Timeshare Resale Tips and Information

It is very important to do some homework and be prepared before getting into timeshare resales, from both a buyers or sellers perspective. Having some knowledge of the basics of timeshare resales will allow you to make sound decisions throughout the process.

Of course, you don't have to be an expert. That's why there are professionals out there that will help you along the way. Which is why the first step to a successful timeshare sale is finding a reliable reseller to help you. How do you do that? Well, we will tell you!

How to Find a Reliable Reseller for Timeshare Real Estate

Individual buyers and sellers of timeshare real estate who have done there homework make it hard for rip-off artists to survive in the timeshare industry. Coupled with the success of legitimate timeshare resellers, rip-off outfits are having more and more trouble disguising themselves as resellers. Here are a couple tips when looking for a good timeshare reseller online - yes, this counts as "doing your homework."

Experience is key in the resale industry. It's not an easy job and having years of experience behind your company means that the process is refined, expedient and efficient. Timeshare resellers that have been around for close to a decade tend to have lower costs associated with selling timeshares and are able to promote more exposure for clients' ads. Having gotten started in 1999, Timeshare Values presents professionalism and knowledge of the industry. We know we're doing it the right way because of our stellar customer feedback.

Another great way to get a feel for a reseller is contacting the business. Direct contact will give you a good idea of who you will be working with. Contact us today and get to know one of the leaders in the resale industry!

What's the deal with Timeshare Brokers?

Using timeshare brokers is a great way to sell a timeshare for those who can afford it. Licensed real estate brokers are generally very professional and have a lot to offer. While they are not usually able to generate the kind of exposure an established online reseller can, they have many connections they use to complete the sales process. Do not expect to get your property sold as quickly with a timeshare broker and commission fees are quite expensive, but some still prefer this avenue.

Do I need a Timeshare Appraisal?

This is yet another excellent way to tell if you are dealing with a reliable reseller. Timeshare appraisals are NOT necessary. You should never pay for an appraisal. The timeshare you own was not appraised before it was sold to you and does not need to be appraised once you are ready to put it on the resale market. All professional resellers know this and will never ask you to pay for an appraisal. If you are asked to pay for one, bring your business elsewhere.

Timeshare Scams

While not as prevalent now as in past decades, timeshare real estate scams are still out there and you should be wary of them. Timeshare scams are also much less frequent in the resale community than in the resort sales industry. Whether buying, selling or renting timeshares there are certain things to be aware of to keep you safe from scammers. Knowing that timeshare appraisals are not necessary is a good start.

Also know that timeshares are not an investment. The whole idea behind timeshares is that you are purchasing future vacations. You are locking in today's prices. Timeshares only depreciate with time, so any reseller that tells you otherwise is not a trustworthy reseller. Do not expect to make money on a resale. However, if you purchase on the resale market you will save a ton of money compared to resort rates which means that you will make a higher percentage of what you paid for it back, if you resell your timeshare in the future.

Doing business with a strong company is important. Knowing that you are dealing with an established, experienced and successful company frees you from the risk of a company taking your money and going out of business. There have been reports of this scam in the past and that is a real concern when you are looking into any type of company that will sell your timeshare.

Capturing the Global Market

Buying, selling and renting timeshares online is a unique opportunity because you are entering a global resale market. When looking into timeshares for sale on the resale market online resellers can connect you with sellers all over the world. This enormous inventory gives you a better selection, thus allowing you access to better deals and more availability in remote destinations and top-rate resorts.

For sellers the global timeshare resale market means that you will have buyers from all over the world checking out your for sale property. More buyers equals more offers on your asking price and a higher concentration of offers. A reseller that offers you excellent exposure means more qualified traffic viewing your ad. The higher the qualification of buyers the quicker your property gets sold.

Now that you know more about what to look for and what to look out for, you should feel confident in buying, selling and renting timeshares on the resale market. Contact us today and get the hassle-free process started!